1. St. Melito, bishop
St. Walaricus, or Valéry, abbot
St. Macarius the Wonder-worker
St. Hugh of Grenoble, bishop
St. Hugh of Bonnevaux, abbot
St. Gilbert of Caithness, bishop
St. Catherine of Palma, virgin
Bd. Ludovic Pavoni

2. St. Francis of Paola (Paula)
SS. Apphian and Theodosia, martyrs
St. Mary of Egypt
St. Nicetius, or Nizier, bishop
Bd. John Payne, martyr
Bd. Leopold of Gaiche

3. St. Pancras of Taormina, bishop and martyr
St. Sixtus, or Xystus, I, pope and martyr
SS. Agape, Chionia, and Irene, virgins and martyrs
St. Burgundofara, or Fare, virgin
St. Nicetas, abbot
St. Richard of Chichester, bishop
Bd. Gandulf of Binasco
Bd. John of Penna

4. St. Isidore of Seville, bishop and doctor
SS. Agathopus and Theodulus, martyrs
St. Tigernach, bishop
St. Plato, abbot
Bd. Peter of Poitiers, bishop
St. Benedict the Black

5. St. Vincent Ferrer
St. Derfel Gadarn
St. Ethelburga of Lyminge, matron
St. Gerald of Sauve-Majeure, abbot
St. Albert of Montecorvino, bishop
Bd. Juliana of Mount Cornillon, virgin
Bd. Crescentia of Kaufbeuren, virgin

6. 50 Martyrs in Persia
St. Marcellinus, martyr
St. Celestine I, pope
St. Eutychius, bishop
St. Prudentius, bishop
Bd. Notker Balbulus
St. William of Eskill, abbot
Bd. Catherine of Pallanza, virgin

7. St. Hegesippus
St. Aphraates
St. George the Younger of Mitylene, bishop
St. Celsus, or Ceallach, archbishop
St. Aybert
Bd. Herman Joseph
Bd. Ursulina, virgin
Bd. William of Scicli
BB. Alexander Rawlins and Henry Walpole, martyrs
BB. Edward Oldcorne and Ralph Ashley, martyrs
Bd. Mary Assunta Pallotta

8. St. Dionysius of Corinth, bishop
St. Perpetuus, bishop
St. Walter of Pontoise, abbot
Bd. Clement of Osimo
Bd. Julian of St. Augustine
Bd. Julia Billiart, virgin

9. St. Mary of Cleophas, matron
St. Waldetrudis, or Waudru, widow
St. Hugh of Rouen, bishop
St. Gaucherius, abbot
Bd. Ubald of Florence
Bd. Thomas of Tolentino, martyr
Bd. Antony Pavoni, martyr

10. St. Bademus, abbot and martyr
The Martyrs under the Danes
St. Macarius, or Macaire, of Ghent
St. Fulbert of Chartres, bishop
St. Patemus of Abdinghof
Bd. Antony Neyrot, martyr
Bd. Mark Fantucci
St. Michael de Sanctis

11. St. Leo the Great, pope and doctor
St. Barsanuphius
St. Isaac of Spoleto
St. Godeberta, virgin
St. Guthlac
Bd. Waltman, abbot
Bd. Rainerius Inclusus
Bd. George Gervase, martyr
St. Gemma Galgani, virgin
Bd. Helen Guerra

12. St. Julius I, pope
St. Zeno of Verona, bishop
St. Sabas the Goth, martyr
SS. Alferius and other abbots of La Cava
Bd. Andrew of Montereale
Bd. Angelo of Chivasso

13. St. Hermenegild, martyr
SS. Carpus, Papylus and Agathonice, martyrs
St. Martius, or Mars, abbot
Bd. Ida of Boulogne, widow
Bd. James of Certaldo, abbot
Bd. Ida of Louvain, virgin
Bd. Margaret of Città-di-Castello, virgin
BB. John Lockwood and Edmund Catherick, martyrs

14. St. Justin, Martyr
SS. Tiburtius, Valerius and Maximus, martyrs
St. Ardalion, martyr
St. Lanlbert of Lyons, archbishop
St. Bernard of Tiron, abbot
Bd. Lanvinus
St. Caradoc
St. Benezet
Bd. Peter Gonzalez
SS. John, Antony and Eustace, martyrs
Bd. Lydwina of Schiedam, virgin

15. SS. Basilissa and Anastasia, martyrs
St. Padarn, or Patem, bishop
St. Ruadan of Lothra, abbot
St. Hunna, matron

16. SS. Optatus and his Companions, and St Encratis, virgin martyrs
St. Turibius of Astorga, bishop
St. Patemus, or Pair, bishop
St. Fructuosus of Braga, archbishop
St. Magnus of Orkney, martyr
St. Drogo, or Druon
St. Contardo
Bd. Joachim of Siena
Bd. William of Polizzi
Bd. Archangelo of Bologna
St. Benedict Joseph Labre
St. Bernadette, virgin

17. St. Anicetus, pope and martyr
SS. Mappalicus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Innocent, bishop
SS. Donnan and his Companions, martyrs
St. Robert of Chaise-Dieu, abbot
St. Stephen Harding, abbot
Bd. Eberhard of Marchthal, abbot
Bd. James of Cerqueto
Bd. Clare of Pisa, widow

18. St. Apollonius the Apologist, martyr
SS. Eleutherius and his Companions, martyrs
St. Laserian, Laisren, or Molaisse, bishop
St. Idesbald, abbot
St. Galdinus, archbishop
Bd. James of Lodi
Bd. Andrew Hibernon
Bd. Mary of the Incarnation, widow

19. St Leo IX, pope
St. Expeditus
St. Ursmar, abbot and bishop
St. Geroldus
St. Alphege, archbishop and martyr
Bd. Bernard the Penitent
Bd. Conrad of Ascoli
Bd. James Duckett, martyr

20. St. Marcellinus of Embrun, bishop
St. Marcian, or Marian
St. Caedwalla
Bd. Hugh of Anzy
St. Hildegund, virgin
St. Agnes of Montepulciano, virgin
Bd. Simon of Todi
BB. James Bell and John Finch, martyrs
BB. Robert Watkinson and Francis Page, martyrs

21. St Anselm, archbishop and doctor
SS. Simeon Barsabae, bishop, and his Companions, martyrs
St. Anastasius I of Antioch, bishop
St. Beuno, abbot
St. Malrubius, or Maelrubha, abbot
St. Conrad of Parzham

22. SS. Soter and Caius, popes and martyrs
SS. Epipodius and Alexander, martyrs
St. Leonides, martyr
St. Agapitus I, pope
St. Theodore of Sykeon, bishop
St. Opportuna, virgin and abbess
Bd. Wolfhelm, abbot
Bd. Francis of Fabriano
Bd. Bartholomew of Cervere, martyr

23. St. George, martyr
SS. Felix, Fortunatus and Achilleus, martyrs
St. Ibar, bishop
St. Gerard of Toul, bishop
St. Adalbert of Prague, bishop and martyr
Bd. Giles of Assisi
Bd. Helen of Udine, widow

24. St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, martyr
St. Mellitus, archbishop
St. Ivo, bishop
St. Egbert, bishop
St. William Finnatus
St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, virgin

25. St. Mark, evangelist
St. Anianus, bishop
St. Heribald, bishop
BB. Robert Anderton and William Marsden, martyrs

26. SS. Cletus and Marcellinus, popes and martyrs
St. Peter of Braga, bishop
St. Richarius, or Riquier, abbot
St. Paschasius Radbertus, abbot
Bd. John I of Valence, bishop
St. Franca of Piacenza, virgin and abbess
BB. Dominic and Gregory
Bd Alda, or Aldobrandesca, widow
St. Stephen of Perm, bishop

27. St. Peter Canisius, doctor
St. Anthimus, bishop
St. Asicus, or Tassach, bishop
St. Maughold, or Maccul, bishop
St. Floribert, bishop
St. Stephen Pechersky, bishop
St. Zita, virgin
Bd. Peter Armengol
Bd. Antony of Siena
Bd. James of Bitetto
Bd. Osanna of Cattaro, virgin
St. Turibius of Lima, archbishop

28. St. Paul of the Cross
SS. Vitalis and Valeria, martyrs
St. Pollio, martyr
SS. Theodora and Didymus, martyrs
St. Cronan of Roscrea, abbot
St. Pamphilus of Sulmona, bishop
St. Cyril of Turov, bishop
Bd. Luchesio
St. Louis Mary of Montfort
St. Peter Mary Chanel, martyr

29. St. Peter of Verona, martyr
St. Wilfrid the Younger, bishop
St. Hugh of Cluny, abbot
St. Robert of Molesmes, abbot
St. Joseph Cottolengo

30. St. Catherine of Siena, virgin
St. Maximus, martyr
SS. Marian and James, martyrs
St. Eutropius, bishop and martyr
Bd. Hildegard, matron
St. Forannan, abbot
St. Gualfardus, or Wolfhard
BB. Francis Dickenson and Miles Gerard, martyrs
Bd. Benedict of Urbino