1. St. Peter ad Vincula
The Holy Machabees, martyrs
SS. Faith, Hope, Charity and their Mother, Wisdom, martyrs
St. Aled, Eiluned, or Almedha, virgin and martyr
St. Ethelwold of Winchester, bishop
BB. Thomas Welbourn and William Brown, martyrs

2. St. Alphonsus de’ Liguori, bishop and doctor
St. Stephen I, pope
St. Theodota, martyr
” St. ” Thomas of Dover

3. The Finding of St. Stephen
St. Germanus of Auxerre, bishop
St. Waltheof, or Walthen, abbot
Bd. Augustine of Lucera, bishop
St. Peter Julian Eymard

4. St. Dominic
SS. Ia and her Companions, martyrs
St. Molua, or Lughaidh, abbot

5. The Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major
SS. Addai and Mari, bishops
St. Afra, martyr
St. Nonna, matron 

6. The Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ
SS. Sixtus II, Felicissimus and Agapitus, with their Companions, martyrs
SS. Justus and Pastor, martyrs
St. Hormisdas, pope

7. St Cajetan
St. Claudia, matron
St. Donatus of Arezzo, bishop
St. Dometius the Persian, martyr
St. Victrlcius, bishop
St. Albert of Trapani
BB. Agathangelo and Cassian, martyrs

8. St. John Vianney
SS. Cyriacus, Largus and Smaragdus, martyrs
The Fourteen Holy Helpers
St. Hormisdas, martyr
St. Altman, bishop
Bd. Joan of Aza, matron
Bd. John Felton, martyr

9. St Romanus, martyr
St. Emygdius, martyr
SS. Nathy and Felim, bishops
St. Oswald of Northumbria, martyr
Bd. John of Salerno
Bd. John of Rieti 

10. St Laurence, martyr
St Philomena, or Philumena 

11. SS. Tiburtius and Susanna, martyrs
St. Alexander the Charcoal-Burner, bishop and martyr
St. Equitius, abbot
St. Blaan, or Blane, bishop
St. Attracta, or Araght, virgin
St. Lelia, virgin
St. Gaugericus, or Gery, bishop
SS. Gerard of Gallinaro and his Companions
Bd. Peter Favre
Bd. Innocent XI

12. St. Clare, virgin
St. Euplus, martyr
St. Murtagh, or Muredach, bishop
SS. Porcarius and his Companions, martyrs

13. St. Hippolytus, martyr
St. Cassian of Imola, martyr
St. Simplician, bishop
St. Radegund, matron
St. Maximus the Confessor, abbot
St. Wigbert, abbot
St. Nerses Klaietsi, bishop
Bd. Novellone
Bd. Gertrude of Altenberg, virgin
Bd. John of Alvemia
Bd. William Freeman, martyr
St. Benildus

14. St. Eusebius of Rome
St. Marcellus of Apamaea, bishop and martyr
St. Fachanan, bishop
St Athanasia, matron
Bd. Eberhard, abbot
BB. Antony Primaldi and his Companions, martyrs

15. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Tarsicius, martyr
St. Arnulf, or Arnoul, of Soissons, bishop

16. St. Joachim
St. Arsacius
St. Annel, abbot
Bd. Laurence Loricatus
St. Rock 

17. St. Hyacinth
St. Mamas, martyr
St. Eusebius, pope
SS. Liberatus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Clare of Montefalco, virgin
Bd. Joan Delanoue, virgin 

18. St. Agapitus, martyr
SS. Florus and Laurus, martyrs
St. Helen, widow
St. Alipius, bishop
Bd. Angelo Augustine of Florence
Bd. Beatrice da Silva, virgin
Bd. Haymo of Savigliano

19. St. John Eudes
St. Andrew the Tribune, martyr
SS. Timothy, Agapius and Thecla, martyrs
St. Sixtus, or Xystus, III, pope
St. Mochta, abbot
St. Bertulf, abbot
St. Sebald
St. Louis of Anjou, bishop
Bd. Emily of Vercelli, virgin

20. St. Bernard, abbot and doctor
St. Amadour
St. Oswin, martyr
St. Philibert, abbot
Bd. Mary de Mattias, virgin
Bd. Teresa Jornet Ihars

21. St. Jane Frances de Chantal, widow
SS. Luxorius, Cisellus and Camerinus, martyrs
SS. Bonosus and Maximian, martyrs
St. Sidonius Apollinaris, bishop
Bd. Humheline, matron
St. Abraham of Smolensk, abbot
Bd. Bernard Tolomei, abbot

22. The Immaculate Heart of Mary
SS. Timothy, Hippolytus and Symphorian, martyrs
St. Sigfrid, abbot
St. Andrew of Fiesole
BB. William Lacey and Richard Kirkman, martyrs
Bd. John Kemble, martyr

23. St. Philip Benizi
SS. Claudius, Asterius and other Martyrs
St. Eugene, or Eoghan, bishop
Bd. James of Bevagna

24. St. Bartholomew, apostle
The Martyrs of Utica
St. Audoenus, or Ouen, bishop

25. St. Louis of France
St. Genesius the Comedian, martyr
St. Genesius of ArIes, martyr
St. Patricia, virgin
St. Mennas, bishop
St. Ebba, virgin
St. Gregory of Utrecht, abbot
St. Joan Antide-Thouret, virgin
St. Mary Michaela Desmaisieres, virgin 

26. St. Zephyrinus, pope and martyr
Bd. Herluin, abbot
Bd. Timothy of Montecchio
Bd. Thomas Percy, martyr
Bd. John Wall, martyr
Bd. Bernard of Qffida
St. Elizabeth Bichier des Ages, virgin

27. St. Joseph Calasanctius
SS. Marcellus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Poemen, abbot
St. Caesarius of ArIes, bishop
St. Syagrius, bishop
Little St. Hugh of Lincoln
Bd. Angelo of Foligno
St. Margaret the Barefooted, widow
Bd. Gabriel Mary
Bd. David Lewis, martyr
Bd. Dominic Barberi

28. St. Augustine, bishop and doctor
St. Hermes, martyr
St. Julian of Brioude, martyr
SS. Alexander, John III and Paul IV, bishops
St. Moses the Black
The London Martyrs of 1588
Bd. Edmund Arrowsmith, martyr

29. The Beheading of St. John the Baptist
St. Sabina, martyr
St. Medericus, or Merry, abbot
Bd. Richard Herst, martyr

30. St. Rose of Lima, virgin
SS. Felix and Adauctus, martyrs
St. Pammachius
St. Rumon, or Ruan
St. Fantinus, abbot
Bd. Bronislava, virgin

31. St. Raymund Nonnatus
St. Paulinus of Trier, bishop
St. Aldan of Lindisfarne, bishop
BB. Laurence Nerucci and his Companions, martyrs
Bd. Juvenal Ancina, bishop