1. St. Ignatius of Antioch, bishop and martyr
St. Pionius, martyr
St. Brigid, or Bride, of Kildare, virgin
St. Sigebert III of Austrasia
St. John “of the Grating”, bishop
Bd. Antony the Pilgrim
Bd. Henry Morse, martyr 

2. The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Adalbald of Ostrevant, martyr
The Martyrs of Ebsdorf
St. Joan de Lestonnac, widow

3. St. Blaise, bishop and martyr
St. Laurence of Spoleto, bishop
St. Ia, virgin
St. Laurence of Canterbury, archbishop
St. Werburga, virgin
St. Anskar, archbishop
St Margaret “of England”, virgin
Bd. Simon of Cascia
Bd. John Nelson, martyr
Bd. Stephen Bellesini 

4. St. Andrew Corsini, bishop
St. Theophilus the Penitent
St. Phileas, bishop and martyr
St. Isidore of Pelusium, abbot
St. Modan, abbot
Bd. Rabanus Maurus, archbishop
St. Nicholas Studites, abbot
St. Rembert, archbishop
St. Joan of France, matron
Bd. Thomas Plumtree, martyr
St. Joseph of Leonessa
St. John de Britto, martyr 

5. St. Agatha, virgin and martyr
St. Avitus of Vienne, bishop
St. Bertulf, or Bertoul
SS. Indractus and Dominica, martyrs
St. Vodalus, or Voel
St. Adelaide of Bellich, virgin
The Martyrs of Japan, I 

6. St. Titus, bishop
St. Dorothy, virgin and martyr
SS. Mel and Melchu, bishops
St. Vedast, or Vaast, bishop
St. Amand, bishop
St. Guarinus, bishop
Bd. Raymund of Fitero, abbot
St. Hildegund, widow
Bd. Angelo of Furcio 

7. St. Romuald, abbot
St. Adaucus, martyr
St. Theodore of Heraclea, martyr
St. Moses, bishop
St. Richard, “King”
St. Luke the Younger
Bd. Rizzerio
Bd. Antony of Stroncone
Bd. Thomas Sherwood, martyr
BB. James Sales and William Saultemouche, martyrs
Bd. Giles Mary
Bd. Eugenia Smet

8. St. John of Matha
St. Nicetius, or Nizier, of Besancon, bishop
St. Elfeda, virgin
St. Meingold, martyr
St. Cuthman
Bd. Peter Igneus, bishop
St. Stephen of Muret, abbot
Bd. Isaiah of Cracow 

9. St. Cyril of Alexandria, archbishop and doctor
St. Apollonia, virgin and martyr
St. Nicephorus, martyr
St. Sabinus of Canosa, bishop
St. Teilo, bishop
St. Ansbert, bishop
St. Alto, abbot
Bd. Marianus Scotus 

10. St. Scholastica, virgin
St. Soteris, virgin and martyr
St. Trumwin, bishop
St. Austreberta, virgin
St. William of Maleval
Bd. Hugh of Fosses
Bd. Clare of Rimini, widow

11. The Appearing of Our Lady at Lourdes
SS. Saturninus, Dativus and other Martyrs
St. Lucius, bishop and martyr
St. Lazarus, bishop
St. Severinus, abbot
St. Caedmon
St. Gregory II, pope
St. Benedict of Aniane, abbot
St. Paschal I, pope 

12. The Seven Founders of the Servite Order
St. Marina, virgin
St. Julian the Hospitaller
St. Meletius of Antioch, archbishop
St. Ethelwald of Lindisfame, bishop
St. Antony Kauleas, bishop
St. Ludan
BB. Thomas Hemerford and his Companions, martyrs 

13. St. Polyeuctus, martyr
St. Martinian the Hermit
St. Stephen of Rieti, abbot
St. Modomnoc
St. Licinius, or Lésin, bishop
St. Ermengild, or Ermenilda, widow
Bd. Beatrice of Omacieu, virgin
Bd. Christina of Spoleto
Bd. Eustochium of Padua, virgin
Bd. Archangela Girlani, virgin
St. Catherine dei Ricci, virgin

14. St. Valentine, martyr
St. Abraham, bishop
St. Maro, abbot
St. Auxentius
St. Conran, bishop
St. Antoninus of Sorrento, abbot
Bd. Conrad of Bavaria
St. Adolf of Osnabrück, bishop
Bd. Nicholas Paglia
Bd. Angelo of Gualdo
Bd. John Baptist of Almodovar 

15. SS. Faustinus and Jovita, martyrs
St. Agape, virgin and martyr
St. Walfrid, abbot
St. Tanco, bishop and martyr
St. Sigfrid, bishop
Bd. Jordan of Saxony
Bd. Angelo of Borgo San Sepolcro
Bd. Julia of Certaldo, virgin
Bd. Claud la Colombière

16. St. Onesimus, martyr
St. Juliana, virgin and martyr 
SS. Elias, Jeremy and their Companions, martyrs
St. Gilbert of Sempringham
Bd. Philippa Mareri, virgin
Bd. Verdiana, virgin
Bd. Eustochium of Messina, virgin
Bd. Bernard Scammacca

17. SS. Theodulus and Julian, martyrs
St. Loman, bishop
St. Fintan of Cloneenagh, abbot
St. Finan, bishop
St. Silvin, bishop
St. Evermod, bishop
Bd. Reginald of Orleans
Bd. Luke Belludi
Bd. Andrew of Anagni
Bd. Peter of Treia
Bd. William Richardson, martyr
The Martyrs of China, I 

18. St. Simeon, bishop and martyr
SS. Leo and Paregorius, martyrs
St. Flavian, bishop and martyr
St. Helladius, archbishop
St. Colman of Lindisfarne, bishop
St. Angilbert, abbot
St. Theotonius
Bd. William Harrington, martyr
Bd. John Pibush, martyr

19. St. Mesrop, bishop
St. Barbatus, bishop
St. Beatus of Liebana
St. Boniface of Lausanne, bishop
St. Conrad of Piacenza
Bd. Alvarez of Cordova 

20. SS. Tyrannio, Zenobius and other Martyrs
St. Sadoth, bishop and martyr
St. Eleutherius of Tournai, bishop
St. Eucherius of Orleans, bishop
St. Wulfric
Bd. Elizabeth of Mantua, virgin

21. St. Severian, bishop and martyr
Bd. Pepin of Landen
St. Germanus of Granfel, martyr
St. George of Amastris, bishop
Bd. Robert Southwell, martyr
Bd. Noel Pinot, martyr 

22. St. Peter’s Chair SS. Thalassius and Limnaeus 
St. Baradates
St. Margaret of Cortona 

23. St. Peter Damian, bishop and doctor
St. Serenus the Gardener, martyr
St. Alexander Akimetes
St. Dositheus
St. Boisil, or Boswell, abbot
St. Milburga, virgin
St. Willigis, archbishop

24. St. Matthias, apostle
SS. Montanus, Lucius, and their Companions, martyrs
St. Praetextatus, or Prix, bishop and martyr 

25. SS. Victorinus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Caesarius of Nazianzus
St. Ethelbert of Kent
St. Walburga, virgin
St. Tarasius, bishop
St. Gerland, bishop
Bd. Robert of Arbrissel, abbot
BB. Avertanus and Romaeus
Bd. Constantius of Fabriano
Bd. Sebastian Aparicio 

26. St. Nestor, bishop and martyr
St. Alexander of Alexandria, bishop
St. Porphyry, bishop
St. Victor the Hermit
Bd. Leo of Saint-Bertin, abbot
Bd. Isabel of France, virgin 

27. St. Gabriel Possenti
SS. Julian, Cronion and Besas, martyrs
St. Thalelaeus the Hennit
St. Leander of Seville, bishop
St. Baldomerus, or Galmier
St. Alnoth
St. John of Gorze, abbot
Bd. Mark Barkworth, martyr
Bd. Anne Line, martyr 

28. Martyrs in the Plague of Alexandria
St. Proterius, bishop and martyr
SS. Romanus and Lupicinus, abbots
St. Hilarus, pope
St. Oswald of Worcester, bishop
Bd. Angela of Foligno, widow
Bd. Villana of Florence, matron
Bd. Hedwig of Poland, matron
Bd. Antonia of Florence, widow
Bd. Louisa Albertoni, widow