1. Octave of the Birthday of Our Lord Jesus Christ
St. Concorius, martyr
St. Almachius, or Telemachus, martyr
St. Eugendus, or Oyend, abbot
St. Fulgentius, bishop
St. Felix of Bourges, bishop
St. Clarus, abbot
St. Peter of Atroa, abbot
St. William of Saint Benignus, abbot
St. Odilo, abbot
Bd. Zdislava, matron
Bd. Hugolino of Gualdo
Bd. Joseph Tommasi

2. The Holy Name of Jesus
St. Macarius of Alexandria
St. Munchin, bishop
St. Vincentian
St. Adalhard, or Adelard, abbot
Bd. Stephana Quinzani, virgin
St. Caspar del Bufalo