2. The Holy Name of Jesus
St. Macarius of Alexandria
St. Munchin, bishop
St. Vincentian
St. Adalhard, or Adelard, abbot
Bd. Stephana Quinzani, virgin
St. Caspar del Bufalo

3. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, virgin
St. Antherus, pope and martyr
St. Peter Balsam, martyr
St. Genevieve, or Genovefa, virgin
St. Bertilia of Mareuil, widow

4. St. Gregory of Langres, bishop
St. Pharaildis, virgin
St. Rigobert, archbishop
Bd. Roger of Ellant
Bd. Oringa, virgin
Bd. Elizabeth Ann Seton

5. St. Telesphorus, pope and martyr
St. Apollinaris, virgin
St. Syncletica, virgin
St. Simeon the Stylite
St. Convoyon, abbot
St. Dorotheus the Younger, abbot
St. Gerlac
Bd. John Nepomucen Neumann

6. The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ
St. Wiltrudis, widow
St. Enninold, abbot
St. Guarinus, or Guerin, bishop
Bd. Gertrude of Delft, virgin
St. John de Ribera, archbishop
Bd. Raphaela Mary, virgin 

7. St. Lucian of Antioch, martyr
St. Valentine, bishop
St. Tillo
St. Aldric, bishop
St. Reinold
St. Canute Lavard, martyr
Bd. Edward Waterson, martyr

8. St. Apollinaris of Hierapolis, bishop
St. Lucian of Beauvais, martyr
St. Severinus of Noricum
St. Severinus of Septempeda, bishop
St. Erhard, bishop
St. Gudula, virgin
St. Pega, virgin
St. Wulsin, bishop
St. Thorfinn, bishop 

9. St. Marciana, virgin and martyr
SS. Julian and Basilissa, and Companions, martyrs
St. Peter of Sebastea, bishop
St. Waningus, or Vaneng
St. Adrian of Canterbury, abbot
St. Berhtwald of Canterbury, archbishop
Bd. Alix Le Clercq, virgin 

10. St. Marcian
St. John the Good, bishop
St. Agatho, pope
St. Peter Orseolo
St. William of Bourges, archbishop
Bd. Gregory X, pope 

11. St. Hyginus, pope
St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch
St. Salvius, or Sauve, bishop

12. St. Arcadius, martyr
SS. Tigrius and Eutropius, martyrs
St. Caesaria, virgin
St. Victorian, abbot
St. Benedict, or Benet, Bishop, abbot 

13. St. Agrecius, bishop
St. Berno, abbot
Bd. Godfrey of Kappenberg
Bd. Jutta of Huy, widow
Bd. Veronica of Binasco, virgin 

14. St. Hilary of Poitiers, bishop and doctor
St. Felix of Nola
St. Macrina the Elder, widow
SS. Barbasymas and his Companions, martyrs
The Martyrs of Mount Sinai
St. Datius, bishop
St. Kentigem, or Mungo, bishop
Bd. Odo of Novara
St. Sava, archbishop
Bd. Roger of Todi
Bd. Odoric of Pordenone
Bd. Giles of Lorenzana
St. Antony Pucci 

15. St. Paul the Hennit
St. Macarius the Elder
St. Isidore of Alexandria
St. John Calybites
St. Ita, virgin
St. Maurus, abbot
St. Bonitus, or Bonet, bishop
St. Ceolwulf
Bd. Peter of Castelnau, martyr
Bd. Francis de Capillas, martyr 

16. St. Marcellus I, pope and martyr
St. Priscilla, matron
St. Honoratus of ArIes, bishop
St. Fursey, abbot
Bd. Ferreolus, bishop and martyr
St. Henry of Cocket
SS. Berard and his Companions, martyrs
Bd. Gonsalo of Amarante 

17. St. Antony the Abbot
SS. Speusippus, Eleusippus and Meleusippus, martyrs
St. Genulf, or Genou, bishop
St. Julian Sabas
St. Sabinus of Piacenza, bishop
St. Sulpicius II, or Sulpice, bishop
St. Richimir, abbot
Bd. Roseline, virgin 

18. St. Peter’s Chair at Rome
St Prisca, virgin and martyr
St Volusian, bishop
St Deicolus, or Desle, abbot
Bd. Beatrice d’Este of Ferrara, widow
Bd. Christina of Aquila, virgin  

19. SS. Marius, Martha, Audifax and Abachum, martyrs
St. Germanicus, martyr
St. Nathalan, bishop
St. Albert of Cashel, bishop
St. Fillan, or Foelan, abbot
St. Canute of Denmark, martyr
St. Wulfstan, bishop
St. Henry of Uppsala, bishop and martyr
Bd. Andrew of Peschiera
Bd. Bernard of Corleone
St. Charles of Sezze
Bd. Margaret Bourgeoys, virgin
Bd. Thomas of Cori

20. St. Fabian, pope and martyr
St. Sebastian, martyr
St. Euthymius the Great, abbot
St. Fechin, abbot
Bd. Benedict of Coltiboni
Bd. Desiderius, or Didier, of Thérouanne, bishop 

21. St. Agnes, virgin and martyr
St. Fructuosus of Tarragona, bishop and martyr
St. Patroclus, martyr
St. Epiphanius of Pavia, bishop
St. Meinrad, martyr
Bd. Edward Stransham, martyr
BB. Thomas Reynolds and Alban Roe, martyrs
Bd. Josepha of Beniganim, virgin 

22. St. Vincent of Saragossa, martyr
St. Blesilla, widow
St. Anastasius the Persian, martyr
St. Dominic of Sora, abbot
St. Berhtwald of Ramsbury, bishop
Bd. William Patenson, martyr
Bd. Vincent Pallotti 

23. St. Raymund of Peñafort
St. Asclas, martyr
St. Emerentiana, virgin and martyr
SS. Clement and Agathangelus, martyrs
St. John the Almsgiver, bishop
St. Ildephonsus, archbishop
St. Bernard of Vienne, archbishop
St. Lufthildis, virgin
St. Maimbod, martyr
Bd. Margaret of Ravenna, virgin

24. St. Timothy, bishop and martyr
St. Babylas, bishop and martyr
St. Felician, bishop and martyr
St. Macedonius
Bd. Marcolino of Forli

25. The Conversion of St. Paul
St Artemas, martyr
SSe Juventinus and Maximinus, martyrs
St Publius, abbot
St Apollo, abbot
St Praejectus, or Prix, bishop and martyr
St Poppo, abbot 

26. St. Polycarp, bishop and martyr
St. Paula, widow
St. Conan, bishop
St. Alberic, abbot
St. Eystein, archbishop
St. Margaret of Hungary, virgin

27. St. John Chrysostom, archbishop and doctor
St. Julian of Le Mans, bishop
St. Marius, or May, abbot
St. Vitalian, pope
Bd. John of Warneton, bishop 

28. St. Peter Nolasco
St. John of Reomay, abbot
St. Paulinus of Aquileia, bishop
Bd. Charlemagne
St. Amadeus of Lausanne, bishop
Bd. James the Almsgiver
Bd. Antony of Amandola
St. Peter Thomas, bishop
Bd. Mary of Pisa, widow
Bd. Julian Maunoir 

29. St. Francis de Sales, bishop and doctor
St. Sabinian, martyr
St. Gildas the Wise, abbot
St. Sulpicius ” Severus “, bishop 

30. St. Martina, virgin and martyr
St. Barsimaeus, bishop
St. Bathildis, widow
St. Aldegundis, virgin
St. Adelelmus, or Aleaume, abbot
St. Hyacintha Mariscotti, virgin
Bd. Sebastian Valfré

31. St. John Bosco
SS. Cyrus and John, martyrs
St. Marcella, widow
St. Aidan, or Maedoc, of Ferns, bishop
St. Adamnan of Coldingham
St. Ulphia, virgin
St. Eusebius, martyr
St. Nicetas of Novgorod, bishop
Bd. Paula Gambara-Costa, matron
St. Francis Xavier Bianchi