1. St. Angela Merici, virgin
St. Pamphilus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Wite, or Candida
St. Proculus, “the Soldier”, and St. Proculus, bishop
St. Caprasius, or Caprais
St. Wistan
St. Simeon of Syracuse
St. Eneco, or Inigo, abbot
St. Theobald of Alba
Bd. John Pelingotto
Bd. Herculanus of Piegaro
Bd. John Storey, martyr
The Martyrs of Japan, II
Bd. Felix of Nicosia 

2. SS. Marcellinus and Peter, martyrs
St. Erasmus, bishop and martyr
SS. Pothinus and his Companions, the Martyrs of Lyons and Vienne
St. Eugenius I, pope
St. Stephen of Sweden, bishop and martyr
St. Nicholas the Pilgrim
BB. Sadoc and his Companions, martyrs

3. St. Cecilius
SS. Pergentinus and Laurentinus, martyrs
SS. Lucillian and his Companions, martyrs
St. Clotilda, widow
SS. Liphardus and Urbicius, abbots
St. Kevin, or Coemgen, abbot
St. Genesius of Clermont, bishop
St. Isaac of Cordova, martyr
St. Morand
Bd. Andrew of Spello
Bd. John “the Sinner”
SS. Charles Lwanga, Joseph Mkasa and their Companions, the Martyrs of Uganda

4. St. Francis Caracciolo
St. Quirinus, bishop and martyr
St. Metrophanes, bishop
St. Optatus of Milevis, bishop
St. Petroc, abbot
St. Vincentia Gerosa, virgin

5. St. Boniface, archbishop and martyr
St. Dorotheus of Tyre, martyr
St. Sanctius, or Sancho, martyr
Bd. Meinwerk, bishop
Bd. Ferdinand of Portugal

6. St. Norbert, archbishop
St. Philip the Deacon
St. Ceratius, or Cérase, bishop
St. Eustorgius II of Milan, bishop
St. Jarlath, bishop
St. Gudwal, or Gurval
St. Claud of Besançon, bishop
Bd. Gerard of Monza
Bd. Laurence of Villamagna
Bd. Marcellinus Champagnat

7. St. Paul I of Constantinople, bishop
St. Meriadoc, bishop
St. Colman of Dromore, bishop
St. Vulflagius, or Wulphy
St. Willibald, bishop
St. Gottschalk, martyr
St. Robert of Newminster, abbot
Bd. Baptista Varani, virgin
Bd. Anne of St. Bartholomew, virgin
St. Antony Gianelli, bishop

8. St. Maximinus of Aix
St. Medard, bishop
St. Clodulf, or Cloud, bishop
St. William of York, archbishop
Bd. John Rainuzzi
Bd. Pacifico of Cerano

9. St. Columba, or Colmcille, abbot
SS. Primus and Felician, martyrs
St. Vincent of Agen, martyr
St. Pelagia of Antioch, virgin and martyr
St. Richard of Andria, bishop
BB. Diana, Cecilia and Amata, virgins
Bd. Silvester of Valdiseve
Bd. Henry the Shoemaker
Bd. Anne Mary Taigi, matron

10. St. Margaret of Scotland, matron
SS. Getulius and his Companions, martyrs
St. Ithamar, bishop
St. Landericus, or Landry, bishop
Bd. Olive of Palermo, virgin and martyr
St. Bogumilus, archbishop
Bd. Henry of Treviso
Bd. Bonaventure of Peraga
Bd. John Dominici, archbishop 

11. St. Barnabas, apostle
SS. Felix and Fortunatus, martyrs
St. Parisio
Bd. Paula Frassinetti, virgin

12. St. John of Sahagun
SS. Basilides and his Companions, martyrs
St. Antonina, martyr
St. Onuphrius
St. Ternan, bishop
St. Peter of Mount Athos
St. Leo III, pope
St. Odulf
St. Eskil, bishop and martyr
Bd. Stephen Bandelli

13. St. Antony of Padua, doctor
St. Felicula, martyr
St. Aquilina, martyr
St. Triphyllius, bishop
Bd. Gerard of Clairvaux

14. St. Basil the Great, archbishop and doctor
SS. Valerius and Rufinus, martyrs
St. Dogmael
St. Methodius I of Constantinople, bishop
Bd. Castora Gabrielli, widow

15. SS. Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia, martyrs
St. Hesychius, martyr 546 St Tatian Dulas, martyr
St. Orsiesius, abbot
St. Landelinus, abbot
St. Edburga of Winchester, virgin
St. Bardo, archbishop
St. Aleydis, or Alice, virgin
Bd. Jolenta of Hungary, widow
St. Germaine of Pibrac, virgin
Bd. Aloysius Palazzolo

16. SS. Ferreolus and Ferrutio, martyrs
SS. Cyricus and Julitta, martyrs
St. Tychon of Amathus, bishop
St. Aurelian, bishop
St. Benno, bishop
Bd. Guy of Cortona
St. Lutgardis, virgin
St. John Francis Regis

17. St. Gregory Barbarigo, bishop
SS. Nicander and Marcian, martyrs
St. Bessarion
St. Hypatius, abbot
St. Avitus, abbot
St. Nectan
St. Hervé, or Harvey, abbot
St. Botulf, or Botolph, abbot, and St. Adulf
St. Moling, bishop
St. Rainerius of Pisa
SS. Teresa and Sanchia of Portugal
Bd. Peter of Pisa
St. Emily de Vialar, virgin

18. St. Ephraem, doctor
SS. Mark and Marcellian, martyrs
St. Amandus of Bordeaux, bishop
St. Elizabeth of Schðnau, virgin 

19. St. Juliana Falconieri, virgin
SS. Gervase and Protase, martyrs
St. Deodatus, or Dié, bishop
St. Bruno, or Boniface, of Querfurt, bishop and martyr
Bd. Odo of Cambrai, bishop
Bd. Thomas Woodhouse, martyr

20. St. Silverius, pope and martyr
St. Goban, or Gobain, martyr
St. Bagnus, or Bain, bishop
St. Adalbert of Magdeburg, archbishop
St. John of Matera, abbot
Bd. Michelina of Pesaro, widow
Bd. Osanna of Mantua, virgin
The English Martyrs of the Oates Plot 

21. St. Aloysius
St. Eusebius of Samosata, bishop
St. Alban, or Albinus, of Mainz, martyr
St. Méen, or Mewan, abbot
St. Engelmund
St. Leutfridus, or Leufroy, abbot
St. Ralph, or Raoul, archbishop
Bd. John Rigby, martyr

22. St. Alban, martyr
St. Nicetas of Remesiana, bishop
St. Paulinus of Nola, bishop
St. Eberhard of Salzburg, archbishop
Bd. Innocent V, pope

23. St. Agrippina, virgin and martyr
St. Etheldreda, or Audrey, widow
St. Lietbertus, or Libert, bishop
Bd. Peter of Jully
Bd. Lanfranc of Pavia, bishop
Bd. Mary of Oignies, virgin
Bd. Thomas Corsini
Bd. Thomas Gamet, martyr
St. Joseph Cafasso

24. The Birthday of St. John the Baptist
The Martyrs under Nero
St. Simplicius, bishop
St. Bartholomew of Farne

25. St. William of Vercelli, abbot
St. Febronia, virgin and martyr
St. Gallicanus
St. Prosper of Aquitaine
St. Prosper of Reggio, bishop
St. Maximus of Turin, bishop
St. Moloc, or Luau, bishop
St. Adalbert of Egmond
St. Eurosia, virgin and martyr
SS. Gohard, bishop, and his Companions, martyrs
Bd. Henry of Zdik Olomuc, bishop
Bd. John the Spaniard
Bd. Guy Maramaldi 

26. SS. John and Paul, martyrs
St. Vigilius, bishop and martyr
St. Maxentius, abbot
SS. Salvius, or Sauve, and Superius
St. John of the Goths, bishop
St. Pelagius, martyr
St. Anthelm, bishop

27. SS. Zoilus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Samson of Constantinople
St. John of Chinon
St. George Mtasmindeli, abbot
St. Ladislaus of Hungary
Bd. Benvenuto of Gubbio
BB. Madeleine Fontaine and her Companions, virgins and martyrs

28. St. Irenaeus, bishop (transferred to July 3.)
SS. Plutarch, Potamiaena and their Companions, martyrs
St. Paul I, pope
St. Heimrad
SS. Sergius and Germanus, abbots
Bd. John Southworth, martyr

29. St. Peter, apostle
St. Paul, apostle
St. Cassius, bishop
SS. Salome and Judith
St. Emma, widow

30. The Commemoration of St. Paul
St. Martial, bishop
St. Bertrand of Le Mans, bishop
St. Erentrude, virgin
St. Theobald, or Thibaud, of Provins
Bd. Arnulf of Villers
Bd. Philip Powell, martyr