1. St. David, or Dewi, bishop
St. Felix II (III), pope
St. Albinus, or Aubin, of Angers, bishop
St. Swithbert, bishop
St. Rudesind, or Rosendo, bishop
Bd. Roger le Fort, archbishop
Bd. Bonavita
Bd. Christopher of Milan
Bd. Peter René Roque, martyr 

2. The Martyrs under the Lombards
St. Chad, or Ceadda, bishop
Bd. Charles the Good, martyr
Bd. Fulco of Neuilly
Bd. Agnes of Bohemia, virgin
Bd. Henry Suso 

3. SS. Marinus and Astyrius, martyrs
SS. Emeterius and Chelidonius, martyrs
St Arthelais, virgin
St. Non, or Nonnita
St. Winwaloe, or Guenole, abbot
St. Anselm of Nonantola, abbot
St. Cunegund, widow
St. Gervinus, abbot
Bd. Serlo, abbot
St. Aelred, abbot
Bd. Jacopino of Canepaci
Bd. Teresa Verzeri, virgin
Bd. Innocent of Berzo 

4. St. Casimir of Poland
St. Lucius I, pope
SS. Adrian and his Companions, martyrs
St. Peter of Cava, bishop
Bd. Humbert III of Savoy
Bd. Christopher Bales, martyr
Bd. Placida Viel, virgin 

5. SS. Adrian and Eubulus, martyrs
St. Phocas of Antioch, martyr
St. Eusebius of Cremona
St. Gerasimus, abbot
St. Kieran, or Ciaran, of Saighir, bishop
St. Piran, abbot
St. Virgil of ArIes, archbishop
St. John Joseph of the Cross 

6. SS. Perpetua, Felicity and their Companions, martyrs
St. Fridolin, abbot
SS. Cyneburga, Cyneswide and Tibba
St. Chrodegang, bishop
SS. Balred and Bilfrid
St. Cadroe, or Cadroel, abbot
St. Ollegarius, or Oldegar, archbishop
St. Cyril of Constantinople
Bd. Jordan of Pisa
St. Colette, virgin 

7. St. Thomas Aquinas, doctor
St. Paul the Simple
St. Drausius, or Drausin, bishop
St. Esterwine, abbot
St. Ardo
St. Theophylact, bishop 

8. St. John of God
St. Pontius
SS. Philemon and Apollonius, martyrs
St. Senan, bishop
St. Felix of Dunwich, bishop
St. Julian of Toledo, archbishop
St. Humphrey, or Hunfrid, bishop
St. Duthac, bishop
St. Veremund, abbot
St. Stephen of Obazine, abbot
Bd. Vincent of Cracow, bishop 

9. St. Frances of Rome, widow
St. Pacian, bishop
St. Gregory of Nyssa, bishop
St. Bosa, bishop
St. Catherine of Bologna, virgin
St. Dominic Savio 

10. The Forty Martyrs of Sebastea
SS. Codratus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Macarius of Jerusalem, bishop
St. Simplicius, pope
St. Kessog, bishop and martyr
St. Anastasia Patricia, virgin
St. Droctoveus, or Drotte, abbot
St. Attalas, abbot
St. Himelin
Bd. Andrew of Strumi, abbot
Bd. John of Vallombrosa
Bd. Peter Geremia
Bd. John Ogilvie, martyr

11. St. Constantine, martyr
St. Sophronius, bishop
St. Vindician, bishop
St. Benedict of Milan, archbishop
St. Oengus, abbot-bishop
St. Eulogius of Cordova, martyr
St. Aurea, virgin
Bd. Christopher Macassoli
Bd. John Baptist of Fabriano
BB. John Larke, Jennyn Gardiner and John Ireland, martyrs
St. Teresa Margaret Redi, virgin 

12. St. Gregory the Great, pope and doctor
St. Maximilian, martyr
SS. Peter, Gorgonius and Dorotheus, martyrs
St. Paul Aurelian, bishop
St. Theophanes the Chronicler; abbot
St. Alphege of Winchester, bishop
St. Bernard of Capua, bishop 
St. Fina, or Seraphina, virgin
Bd. Justina of Arezzo, virgin
Bd. Nicholas Owen, martyr 

13. St. Euphrasia, or Eupraxia, virgin
St. Mochoemoc, abbot
St. Gerald of Mayo, abbot
St. Nicephorus of Constantinople, bishop
St. Ansovinus, bishop
St. Heldrad, abbot
SS. Roderic and Solomon, martyrs
Bd. Agnello of Pisa

14. St. Leobinus, or Lubin, bishop
St. Eutychius, or Eustathius, martyr
St. Matilda, widow
Bd. James of Naples, archbishop 

15. St. Longinus, martyr
St. Matrona, virgin and martyr
St. Zachary, pope .
St. Leocritia, or Lucretia, virgin and martyr
Bd. William Hart, martyr
St. Louisa de Marillac, widow .
St. Clement Hofbauer
Bd. Placid Riccardi

16. St. Julian of Antioch, martyr
St. Abraham Kidunaia 
St. Finnian Lobhar, abbot
St. Eusebia, abbess
St. Gregory Makar, bishop
St. Heribert, archbishop
Bd. John of Vicenza, bishop and martyr
Bd. Torello
BB. John Amias and Robert Dalby, martyrs

17. St. Patrick, archbishop
St. Joseph of Arimathea 
The Martyrs of the Serapeum
St. Agricola, bishop
St. Gertrude of Nivelles, virgin
St. Paul of Cyprus 
Bd. John Sarkander, martyr 

18. St. Cyril of Jerusalem, archbishop and doctor
St. Alexander of Jerusalem, bishop and martyr
St. Frigidian, or Frediano, bishop
St. Edward the Martyr
St. Anselm of Lucca, bishop
Bd. Christian, abbot
St. Salvator of Horta 

19. St. Joseph
St. John of Panaca
SS. Landoald and his Companions
St. Alcmund, martyr
Bd. Andrew of Siena 

20. SS. Photina and her Companions, martyrs
St. Martin of Braga, archbishop
St. Cuthbert, bishop
St. Herbert
St. Wulfram, archbishop
The Martyrs of Mar Saba
BB. Evangelist and Peregrine
Bd. Ambrose of Siena
Bd. John of Parma
Bd. Maurice of Hungary
Bd. Mark of Montegallo
Bd. Baptist of Mantua
Bd. Hippolytus Galantini 

21. St. Benedict, abbot
St. Serapion of Thmuis, bishop
St. Enda, abbot, and St. Fanchea, virgin
Bd. Santuccia, matron 

22. St. Paul of Narbonne
St. Basil of Ancyra, martyr
St. Deogratias, bishop
Bd. Isnardo of Chiampo
St. Benvenuto of Osimo, bishop
Bd. Hugolino of Cortona
St. Nicholas von Flue 

23. SS. Victorian and his Companions, martyrs
St. Benedict the Hennit
St. Ethelwald the Hennit
Bd. Peter of Gubbio
Bd. Sibyllina of Pavia, virgin
St. Joseph Oriol 

24. St. Gabriel the Archangel
St. Irenaeus of Sirmium, bishop and martyr
St. Aldemar, abbot
St. Catherine of Vadstena, virgin
SS. Simon of Trent and William of Norwich
Bd. Didacus, or Diego, of Cadiz 

25. The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
The Good Thief
St. Barontius
St. Hennenland, abbot
St. Alfwold, bishop
Bd. Thomasius
Bd. Margaret Clitherow, martyr
Bd. James Bird, martyr
St. Lucy Filippini, virgin 

26. St. Castulus, martyr
St. Felix of Trier, bishop
St. Macartan, bishop
St. Braulio, bishop
St. Ludger, bishop
St. Basil the Younger 

27. St. John Damascene, doctor
St. John of Egypt
Bd. William Tempier, bishop 

28. St. John of Capistrano
St. Guntramnus
St. Tutilo 

29. SS. Jonas and Barachisius, martyrs
SS. Mark of Arethusa, bishop, and Cyril, martyr
SS. Annogastes, Archinimus and Satums, martyrs
SS. Gundleus and Gwladys
St. Rupert, bishop
Bd. Diemoda, or Diemut, virgin
St. Berthold
St. Ludolf, bishop 

30. St. Regulus, or RieuI, bishop
St. John Climacus, abbot
St. Zosimus, bishop
St. Osburga, virgin
Bd. Dodo
Bd. Amadeus IX of Savoy 

31. St. Balbina, virgin
St. Acacius, or Achatius, bishop
St. Benjamin, martyr
St. Guy of Pomposa, abbot
Bd. Joan of Toulouse, virgin
Bd. Bonaventure of Forlí