1. St. Joseph the Workman
St. Amator, or Amatre, bishop
St. Brieuc, or Briocus, abbot
St. Sigismund of Burgundy
St. Marculf, or Marcoul, abbot
St. Theodard of Narbonne, archbishop
St. Peregrine Laziosi

2. St. Athanasius, archbishop and doctor
SS. Exsuperius and Zoē, martyrs
St. Waldebert, abbot
St. Ultan, abbot
St. Wiborada, virgin and martyr
Bd. Conrad of Seldenbüren
St. Mafalda

3. The Finding of the Holy Cross
SS. Alexander, Eventius and Theodulus, martyrs
SS. Timothy and Maura, martyrs
St. Juvenal, bishop
St. Philip of Zell

4. The Martyrs of England and Wales
St. Monica, widow
St. Cyriacus, or Judas Quiriacus, bishop
St. Pelagia of Tarsus, virgin and martyr
St. Florian, martyr
St. Venerius, bishop
St. Godehard, or Gothard, bishop
Bd. Catherine of Parc-aux-Dames, virgin
Bd. Gregory of Verucchio
Bd. Michael Giedroyc’
Bd. John Moyë

5. St. Pius V, pope
St. Hilary of ArIes, bishop
St. Maunmtius, abbot
St. Avertinus
St. Angelo, martyr
St. Jutta, widow

6. St. John before the Latin Gate
St. Evodius, bishop
St. Edbert, bishop
St. Petronax, abbot
Bd. Prudence, virgin
BB. Edward Jones and Antony Middleton, martyrs 

7. St. Stanislaus, bishop and martyr
St. Domitian, bishop
St. Liudhard, bishop
SS. Serenicus and Serenus
St. John of Beverley, bishop
Bd. Rose Venerini, virgin

8. The Appearing of St. Michael
St. Victor Maurus, martyr
St. Acacius, or Agathus, martyr
St. Gibrian 
St. Desideratus, bishop
St. Boniface IV, pope
St. Benedict II, pope
SS. Wiro, Plechelm and Otger
St. Peter of Tarentaise, archbishop

9. St. Gregory Nazianzen, bishop and doctor
St. Beatus
St. Pachomius, abbot
St. Gerontius, bishop
Bd. Nicholas Albergati, bishop

10. St. Antoninus of Florence, archbishop
St. Calepodius, martyr
SS. Gordian and Epimachus, martyrs
SS. Alphius and his Companions, martyrs
SS. Catald and Conleth, bishops
St. Solangia, virgin and martyr
Bd. Beatrice of Este, virgin
Bd. John of Avila

11. SS. Philip and James
St. Mamertus, bishop
St. Comgall, abbot
St. Asaph, bishop
St. Gengulf, or Gengoul
St. Majolus, or Mayeul, abbot
St. Ansfrid, bishop
St. Walter of L’Esterp, abbot
Bd. Albert of Bergamo
Bd. Vivaldo
Bd. Benincasa
Bd. Aloysius Rabata
Bd. Ladislaus of Gielniow
The English Carthusian Martyrs, and others
St. Francis di Girolamo
St. Ignatius of Laconi

12. SS. Nereus, Achilleus and Domitilla, martyrs
St. Pancras, martyr
St. Epiphanius of Salamis, bishop
St. Modoaldus, bishop
St. Rictrudis, widow
St. Germanus of Constantinople, bishop
St. Dominic of the Causeway
Bd. Francis Patrizzi
Bd. Gemma of Solmona, virgin
Bd. Jane of Portugal, virgin
Bd. John Stone, martyr 

13. St Robert Bellarmine, archbishop and doctor
St. Glyceria, virgin and martyr
St. Mucius, martyr
St. Servatius, or Servais, bishop
St. John the Silent
St. Erconwald, bishop
St. Euthymius the Enlightener, abbot
Bd. Imelda, virgin
Bd. Julian of Norwich, virgin
St. Peter Regalatus
St. Andrew Hubert Fournet

14. St. Pontius, martyr
St. Boniface of Tarsus, martyr
St. Carthage, Carthach, or Mochuda, abbot
St. Erembert, bishop
Bd. Giles of Portugal
Bd. Petronilla of Moncel, virgin
Bd. Magdalen di Canossa, virgin
St. Michael Garicoits
St. Mary Mazzarello, virgin

15. St. John Baptist de la Salle
SS. Torquatus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Isidore of Chios, martyr
SS. Peter of Lampsacus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Hilary of Galeata, abbot
SS. Dympna and Gerebernus, martyrs
SS. Bertha and Rupert
St. Hallvard, martyr
St. Isaias of Rostov, bishop
St. Isidore the Husbandman
Bd. Magdalen Albrizzi, virgin

16. St. Ubald of Gubbio, bishop
St. Peregrine of Auxerre, bishop and martyr 
St. Possidius, bishop
St. Germerius, bishop
St. Brendan, abbot
St. Domnolus, bishop
St. Carantoc, or Carannog, abbot
St. Honoratus of Amiens, bishop
St. Simon Stock
St. John Nepomucen, martyr

17. St. Paschal Baylon
St. Madron, or Madem
Bd. Ratho of Andechs
St. Bruno of Wiirzburg, bishop
Bd. Andrew Abellon

18. St. Venantius, martyr
SS. Theodorus, Thecusa and their Companions, martyrs
St. Potamon, bishop and martyr
St. Eric of Sweden, martyr
Bd. William of Toulouse
St. Felix of Cantalice 

19. St. Celestine V, pope
SS. Pudentiana and Pudens, martyrs
SS. Calocerus and Parthenius, martyrs
Bd. Alcuin, abbot
St. Dunstan, archbishop
St. Ivo of Kennartin
Bd. Augustine Novello
Bd. Peter Wright, martyr

20. St. Bernardino of Siena
St. Thalelaeus, martyr
St. Basilla, or Basilissa, virgin and martyr
St. Baudelius, martyr
St. Austregisilus, or Outril, bishop
St. Ethelbert, martyr
Bd. Columba of Rieti, virgin 

21. St. Godric
Bd. Benvenuto of Recanati
St. Andrew Bobola, martyr
St. Theophilus of Corte
Bd. Crispin of Viterbo 

22. SS. Castus and Aemilius, martyrs
St. Quiteria, virgin and martyr
St. Romanus
St. Julia, martyr
St. Aigulf, or Ayoul, bishop
St. Humility, widow
St. Rita of Cascia, widow
Bd. John Forest, martyr
St. Joachima de Mas y de Vedruna, widow

23. St. Desiderius, or Didier, bishop and martyr
St. Guibert
St. Leontius of Rostov, bishop and martyr
St. Ivo of Chartres, bishop
St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk, virgin
St. William of Rochester, martyr
Bd. Gerard of Villamagna
Bd. Bartholomew of Montepulciano
St. John Baptist Rossi

24. SS Donatian and Rogatian, martyrs
St. Vincent of Lérins
Bd. Lanfranc of Canterbury, archbishop
St. David I of Scotland
St. Nicetas of Pereaslav, martyr
Bd. John of Prado, martyr

25. St. Gregory VII, pope
St. Urban I, pope and martyr
St. Dionysius of Milan, bishop
St. Zenobius, bishop
St. Leo, or Lyé, abbot
St. Aldhelm, bishop
St. Gennadius, bishop
Bd. Claritus
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, virgin

26. St. Philip Neri
St. Quadratus, bishop
SS. Priscus, or Prix, and his Companions, martyrs
St. Lambert of Vence, bishop
Bd. Eva of Liège, virgin
St. Mariana of Quito, virgin
BB. Peter Sanz, bishop, and his Companions, martyrs

27. St. Bede the Venerable, doctor
St. Restituta of Sora, virgin and martyr
SS. Julius and his Companions, martyrs
St. Eutropius of Orange, bishop
St. John I, pope and martyr
St. Melangell, or Monacella, virgin

28. St. Augustine, or Austin, of Canterbury, archbishop
St. Senator, bishop
St. Justus of Urgel, bishop
St. Gennanus of Paris, bishop
St. William of Gellone
St. Bernard of Montjoux
St. Ignatius of Rostov, bishop
Bd. Margaret Pole, widow and martyr
Bd. Mary Bartholomea of Florence, virgin
The London Martyrs of 1582

29. St. Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi, virgin
St. Cyril of Caesarea, martyr
St. Maximinus of Trier, bishop
SS. Sisinnius, Martyrius and Alexander, martyrs
St. Theodosia, virgin and martyr
SS. William, Stephen, Raymund and their Companions, martyrs
Bd. Peter Petroni
Bd. Richard Thirkeld, martyr 

30. St. Felix I, pope
St. Eleutherius, pope
St. Isaac of Constantinople, abbot
St. Exsuperantius, bishop
St. Madelgisilus, or Mauguille
St. Walstan
St. Ferdinand of Castile
Bd. Andrew of Pistoia, bishop
St. Joan of Arc, virgin
Bd. James Bertoni
BB. William Scott and Richard Newport, martyrs 

31. St. lvlary the Queen
St. Petronilla, virgin and martyr
SS. Cantius, Cantianus and Cantianella, martyrs
St. Mechtildis of Edelstetten, virgin
Bd. James the Venetian