1. St. Giles, abbot
The Twelve Brothers, martyrs
St. Verena, virgin
St. Lupus, or Leu, of Sens, bishop
St. Fiacre
St. Sebbe
St. Drithelm
BB. John of Perugia and Peter of Sassoferrato, martyrs
Bd. Joan Soderini, virgin
Bd. Hugh More, martyr
Bd. Gabra Michael

2. St. Stephen of Hungary
St. Antoninus, martyr
St. Castor, bishop
St. Agricolus, bishop
St. William of Roskilde, bishop
Bd. Margaret of Louvain, virgin and martyr
St. Brocard
BB. John du Lau, bishop, and his Companions, the martyrs of September 1792

3. St. Pius X, pope
St. Phoebe
St. Macanisius, bishop
St. Simeon Stylites the Younger
St. Remaclus, bishop
St. Aigulf, martyr
St. Hildelitha, virgin
St. Cuthburga, widow
Bd. Guala, bishop
Bd. Andrew of Borgo San Sepolcro

4. SS. Marcellus and Valerian, martyrs
St. Marinus
St. Boniface I, pope
St. Ultan, bishop
St. Ida of Herzfeld, widow
St. Rosalia, virgin
St. Rose of Viterbo, virgin
Bd. Catherine of Racconigi, virgin

5. St. Laurence Giustiniani, bishop
St. Bertinus, abbot
Bd. Raymund Lull, martyr
Bd. Gentilis, martyr 

6. SS. Donatian, Laetus and others, bishops and martyrs
St. Eleutherius, abbot
St. Chainoaldus, or Cagnoald, bishop
St. Bega, or Bee, virgin
Bd. Bertrand of Garrigues
Bd. Peregrine of Falerone
Bd. Liberatus of Loro  

7. St. Regina, or Reine, virgin and martyr
St. Sozon, martyr
St. Grimonia, virgin and martyr
St. John of Nicomedia, martyr
St. Anastasius the Fuller, martyr
St. Clodoald, or Cloud
SS. Alcmund and Tilbert, bishops
BB. Mark, Stephen and Melchior, martyrs
BB. John Duckett and Ralph Corby, martyrs 

8. The Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary
SS. Adrian and Natalia, martyrs
SS Eusebius, Nestabus, Zeno and Nestor, martyrs
St. Disibod
St. Sergius I, pope
St. Corbinian, bishop

9. St. Gorgonius, martyr
St. Isaac, or Sahak, the Great, bishop
St. Kieran, or Ciaran, abbot
St. Audomarus, or Orner, bishop
St. Bettelin
Bd. Seraphina Sforza, widow
Bd. Louisa of Savoy, widow
St. Peter Claver

10. St. Nicholas of Tolentino
SS. Nemesian and many Companions, martyrs
 SS. Menodora, Metrodora and Nymphodora, virgins and martyrs
St. Pulcheria, virgin
St. Finnian of Moville, bishop
St. Salvius of Albi, bishop
St. Theodard, bishop
St. Aubert, bishop
BB. Apollinaris Franco, Charles Spinola and their Companions, martyrs
Bd. Ambrose Barlow, martyr

11. SS. Protus and Hyacinth, martyrs
St. Theodora of Alexandria
St. Paphnutius, bishop
St. Patiens of Lyons, bishop
St. Deiniol, bishop
St. Peter of Chavanon
Bd. Louis of Thuringia
Bd. Bonaventure of Barcelona
Bd. John Gabriel Perboyre, martyr

12. The Holy Name of Mary
St. Ailbhe, bishop
St. Eanswida, virgin
St. Guy of Anderlecht
Bd. Victoria Fornari-Strata, widow 

13. St. Maurilius of Angers, bishop
St. Eulogius of Alexandria, bishop
St. Amatus, or Amé, abbot
St. Amatus, or Amé, bishop 

14. The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
St. Maternus, bishop
St. Notburga, virgin

15. The Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Nicomedes, martyr
St. Nicetas the Goth, martyr
St. Aichardus, or Achard, abbot
St. Mirin
St. Catherine of Genoa, widow 

16. St. Cornelius, pope and martyr
St. Cyprian, bishop and martyr
St. Euphemia, virgin and martyr
SS. Abundius, Abundantius and their Companions, martyrs
St. Ninian, bishop
St. Ludmila, martyr
St. Edith of Wilton, virgin
Bd. Victor III, pope
Bd. Vitalis of Savigny, abbot
Bd. Louis Allemand, archbishop 

17. The Stigmata of St Francis
SS. Socrates and Stephen, martyrs
St. Satyrus
St. Lambert of Maestricht, bishop and martyr
St. Columba, virgin and martyr
St. Hildegard, virgin
St. Peter Arbues, martyr

18. St. Joseph of Cupertino
St. Ferreolus, martyr
St. Methodius of Olympus, bishop and martyr
St. Richardis, widow
Bd. John Massias 

19. SS. Januarius, bishop, and his Companions, martyrs
SS. Peleus and his Companions, martyrs
St. Sequanus, or Seine, abbot
St. Goericus, or Abbo, bishop
St. Theodore of Canterbury, archbishop
St. Mary of Cerevellon, virgin
SS. Theodore, David and Constantine
Bd. Alphonsus de Orozco
St. Emily de Rodat, virgIn

20. SS. Eustace and his Companions, martyrs
St. Vincent Madelgarius, abbot
Bd. Francis de Posadas 

21. St. Matthew, apostle and evangelist
St. Maura of Troyes, virgin
St. Michael of Chemigov and St. Theodore, martyrs
BB. Laurence Imbert and his Companions, the martyrs of Korea 

22. St. Thomas of Villanova, archbishop
St. Phocas the Gardener, martyr
SS. Maurice and his Companions, martyrs of the Theban Legion
St. Felix III (IV), pope
St. Salaberga, matron, and St. Bodo, bishop
St. Emmeramus, bishop

23. St. Linus, pope and martyr
St. Thecla of Iconium, virgin and martyr
St. Adamnan, or Eunan, abbot
Bd. Mark of Modena
Bd. Helen of Bologna, widow

24. Our Lady of Ransom
St. Geremarus, or Germer, abbot
St. Gerard of Csanad, bishop and martyr
Bd. Robert of Knaresborough
St. Pacifico of San Severino 

25. St. Firminus, bishop and martyr
St. Cadoc, abbot
St. Aunacharius, or Aunaire, bishop
St. Finbar, bishop
St. Ceolfrid, abbot
Bd. Herman the Cripple
St. Albert of Jerusalem, bishop
St. Sergius of Radonezh, abbot
St. Vincent Strambi, bishop
St. Francis of Camporosso

26. The Martyrs of North America
SS. Cyprian and Justina, martyrs
St. Colman of Lann Elo, abbot
St. Nilus of Rossano, abbot
St. John of Meda
Bd. Lucy of Caltagirone, virgin
Bd. Dalmatius Moner
Bd. Teresa Couderc, virgin 

27. SS. Cosmas and Damian, martyrs
St. Elzear and Bd. Delphina 

28. St Wenceslaus of Bohemia, martyr
St. Exsuperius, bishop
St. Eustochium, virgin
St. Faustus of Riez, bishop
St. Annemund, bishop
St. Lioba, virgin
Bd. Laurence of Ripafratta
Bd. John of Dukla
Bd. Bernardino of Feltre
Bd. Francis of Calderola
Bd. Simon de Rojas 

29. The Dedication of the Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel
SS. Rhipsime, Gaiana, and their Companions, virgins and martyrs
St. Theodota, martyr
Bd. Richard of Hampole
Bd. Charles of Blois 

30. St. Jerome, doctor
St. Gregory the Enlightener, bishop
St. Honorius of Canterbury, archbishop
St. Simon of Crépy