Why You Shouldn’t Leave Mass Early

Have you ever left Mass early to beat traffic? Or had to leave early because a loved one was sick? In this enlightening video, Patrick Ginty explains when and why we can leave Mass right after Communion. 

Simplified Transcript

Welcome to this installment of Catholic Do’s and Don’ts. On this episode we’re going to talk about why you should not leave Mass right after communion. First of all, there are some reasons why you can leave mass early. We thought of a couple; here they are: Reasons to Leave Mass Directly After Communion Maybe you’re feeling sick. I get it. Sometimes, I feel sick too! Sometimes you eat that big breakfast burrito with salsa verde, and by the end of the Mass, your stomach is starting to grumble, and you’ve got to leave. Please! Do that. You can leave mass early! We give you permission, God still loves you. Second point! You can leave mass, maybe, if you have a really strict boss. So let’s say there’s a special Mass, they had 10 baptisms, 25 first communions, and you know that your boss is gonna have no mercy on you whatsoever. He gives you no religious exemption for showing up to [work] late. Please. You can leave mass early. God understands, it’s a valid reason, we don’t want you to lose your job. Next point! Maybe you’re an emergency responder. You work for the police, you’re a paramedic, you’re a fireman, there’s a five-alarm fire over at the fireworks factory! Please! Leave mass early! Save the fireworks! You can do that! Next point! Thermal. Nuclear. War. The president calls. And you’re the only one that can negotiate peace between Russia and the United States. They’re about to push the button! They need you! Go! Please leave Mass early! That is a valid reason, nobody is going to judge you for that. Invalid Reasons to Leave Mass We’ve heard these all at least once before. First: Trying to beat the traffic. I get it, it’s Sunday,the restaurants are full. You’re trying to get to the Golden Corral before all the rest of the people do, because you know that everyone’s gonna take that drumstick of fried chicken. Please don’t leave Mass early for that.Or, maybe you just want to go to the beach. You know that the highway is gonna fill up. DON’T DO THAT! Don’t leave Mass early because of traffic. What’s it gonna take, ten minutes? Maybe? Maybe even twelve minutes of your life?  Next point: You don’t like the announcements. Hey, you’re not the only one! None of us LOVE the announcements, right? But you know what might happen if you listen to the announcements? You might actuallyget involved with something at the church. Wouldn’t that be a novel idea? Leaving the church so that you don’t have to hear about what’s going on in your own church? DON’T DO THAT! Not allowed! Next Point: You’re leaving mass early why? Because you don’t want to talk to anyone. I get it. Some of the people you sit near in church: they look a little weird. Hey, maybe they are a little weird! But you know what, God gave us the two most important commandments. First, love the lord your god with all of your heart, with all of your mind with all your soul, and all your strength. (Luke 10:27) And the second, which is like it, is to love your neighbor as yourself. You gotta love the people in church. You gotta at least try. You don’t have to invite them over to your cookout, but just, say hi to them. Don’t ignore them. Don’t do that! Next. It’s nice weather. I get it. You’re looking out the window, you see the blue skies, you see the sun, you see the birds chirping. Here’s a better idea. Instead of just leaving early so that you can enjoy God’s nature, why don’t you just sit down for an extra couple minutes, and give Him thanks for the incredible world, the incredible universe that we live in. Leaving church early so that you can be in God’s creation without giving him thanks for that? DON’T DO THAT! Reasons to Stay Until the End of Mass Next, just a couple of reasons why you should actually stay. This is your moment. When you receive Communion, this is the closest you will ever be to Jesus Christ here on earth. Not only a spiritual presence, but a physical presence. Talk to Him! Spend a couple moments with him. It’s the most beautiful time instead of just walking out, you know, and going on with the rest of your day. Spend a couple moments with Him. You’d be surprised what might happen. And, finally, why should you stay for the final blessing. Because it’s the final blessing! It is a blessing! We believe in blessings. We believe that they give us some spiritual good. Don’t you want that? It’s a part of the Mass, that’s why we came here! We came here to celebrate the Mass, you might as well do the whole thing. Also, did you realize that the final blessing is actually the point at which the priest says that you can go? The Latin “Itae Misa Est.” The Itae part is: “Okay, now you can go.” The misa means: you also have a mission. We need to be reminded of that. We need a blessing, we need to be told when to go, and we need to remember that when you walk out those doors, you have a mission; and it’s given to you by Christ. Stick around a little bit! Pray! Listen! You might figure out what that mission actually is. On a final note, always remember, in the Bible, the first one to leave the Mass right after Communion was Judas Iscariot, who went on to betray Jesus. Don’t be like him. Don’t do that! Stick around, at least until the final blessing, and you will truly be blessed by God for doing that. Thanks a lot, God bless.


Host: Patrick Ginty
Subtitles: Aron Forthofer
Website: Joseph Forthofer
Special thanks to St. Ann Catholic Church for use of their premises.

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