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  • Hi! I’m Patrick Ginty! I’m the Director of Faith Formation for the Diocese of Raleigh
  • As someone who brings about catechesis and leads classes, I’m always looking for great videos to explain our Catholic faith.
  • There is so much to learn about our Catholic faith!
  • Who says videos about Catholicism should be 2 boring hours long? 
  • At Catholic NC TV, we want to make short, informative videos explaining aspects of our Catholic faith that are easily understood and entertaining to watch.
  • We want to give you videos that explain aspects of our Catholic Faith in a brief and concise way.
  • If you’re interested in what we’re about, check out our videos, and make sure you subscribe!


Hey! My name is Patrick Ginty, I’m the director of religious education over at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Clayton North Carolina. [Now the Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Raleigh]. And we’re starting a new initiative called Catholic NC TV. Basically, the purpose of it is this: me, as someone who brings about catechesis, who does classes, I’m always looking for good videos, just really brief videos about our Catholic faith. Something that’s interesting, but it’s really informative at the same time.

   There’s so much that we need to know about the Catholic faith. And I have found, while looking for videos, that they were either two hours long, or they were nonexistent. And also there’s just people who are looking into the faith, they just want a really brief explanation that could also be a little entertaining.

   That’s what we’re trying to do.

   We want to give you short videos about the beauty of our faith, explaining aspects of the faith that people might wonder about, all in a brief, concise, but interesting way. So, if you’re interested in that, check out our videos. I think you’ll really like them. Also, please consider subscribing with the button down below.

God bless.

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